Securing your business against cybercrime is as important as locking your doors at night. The SARRPS IT team provides the right IT support solutions to help keep your confidential files and your customer’s private information away from prying eyes and dangerous hands.

As your cybersecurity professionals, we do everything in our power to marry common sense internal solutions with a hardline of defenses against external threats such as:

  • Managed anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
  • Managed firewall services
  • Robust Anti-Spam Protection

Following the vulnerability assessment of your business technology, we implement:

  • DNS inspection / threat mitigation
  • Diligent patch management
  • Email security, including email encryption
  • Content Filtering
  • Best Practices for Group Policies and Password Management

True security enables securing the future of your business! We enable this goal by putting these important elements into place.

  • Onsite and/or Off-Site Backup Service – so you always have a copy of essential data
  • Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan – so you have a way to get up and running again if an unexpected interruption such as fire, flood, or criminal act makes your in-house data inaccessible